Play The Majors has been created to provide a simple and rewarding game to test your skills at predicting who you think will be the best performed players in a major golf tournament.

A selection of players from the event will be listed into groups,firstly based on their Official World Golf Ranking "generally noted the week prior to the tournament commencement" and then optional "invitee" players may be added.

"Invitees are players not in the World Top 100 but have won the tournament previously or are included by the sweepstake organisers for site interest"

This website is internationally available for all to enjoy, you can create your own group or apply to join an existing group.

How points are awarded to your selections:
For the purposes of this explanation we will assume there are 70 players in a sweepstake.
You will be selecting a predermined number of players from each of the groups listed.

Once the event commences your selections will be "frozen" so no changes will be possible.
Points allocated as follows:
If one of your players wins the tournament you will be allocated 1 point, if one of your players eg. places 23rd your will be allocated 23 points, 23rd equal placings would also be 23 points and thus the next player would receive 25 points and so forth.

Your sweepstake total would then be the sum total of points allocated to where your players finish in the tournament.

To add improvement to our points table your final caculation will include the subtraction of your worst performed player/players "instigated to allow for event withdrawals during tournament play unfairly affecting final points"

This subtraction formula has been improved to allow the game to subtract more players from your total to make the game more competitive going into the weekends play.

The contest winner will be the Predictor who accumulates the lowest number of points and so on to last place.

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To get started simply go to the Register Menu fill in the necessary fields, confirm your registration from the email that will be sent to you and you are good to go.

Misuse of the site willl not be tolerated, indecent language or obscene imagery used the registration process or in group pages will be removed and the group owner "and its members" will be banned from future use of the site.