To have your predictions recognized and compete amongst your friends you need to be a member of one of the current groups or create your own.

Once you have REGISTERED and have responded to the registration confirmation email, you will be prompted to LOGIN.

Once logged in you can proceed to the GROUPS page and choose a group to join, perhaps where you have been invited or know other members.
Alternatively you can create your own group and invite friends to be a part of this group.

PLEASE NOTE: If you Request to Join one of these groups there is a process of the group owner either accepting your membership or declining it.

Often a group may have its own membership/payment requirements that you may not wish to take part in and this obviously may result in your membership request being declined.

Many of the groups should have membership rules etc. noted in thier group page for your viewing.

ALSO NOTE: Once registered and logged in you can proceed directly to the CURRENT EVENT page and make your selections, if you have not yet joined a group or been accepted your selections will still be saved and applied to the group when this is the case.

Good Luck with your predictions and enjoy our Play the Majors competitions.