For some the registration process may be a little intimidating however if you follow these key points you will be joined up and ready to take part in your first Play the Majors event in no time at all.

- Have an email address where you want to receive site communications.

- Create a user/nickname that you would like to be recognised by.

- Create a password that you will use to login to the site with.

- NOTE: This password should contain at least one capital letter and a selection of lower case letters and numbers that will provide a secure login for you.

- Keep this username and password handy for future login purposes.

- Armed with these items go to the REGISTER menu that can be found at the top of the site HOME page.

- Insert all of the details you have previously created into the relevant boxes and click on the REGISTER button found next to the CANCEL button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: After you have completed this registration you must check your email inbox as the registration process requires you to confirm your registration, this is normal practice and provides an additonal level of protection for your identity and login details.

- Once you have confirmed your registration you can proceed to LOGIN to the site for the first time.

- You can now search for the group that you want to be a member of and apply to join that group by going to the GROUPS menu on the HOME page.

- Select the group you wish to join by clicking on it and you will be presented with a Join This Group option, click on this and the group owner will be sent a request for your application.

- In the meantime you are free to look around the site, if there is a CURRENT EVENT in progress you can also go to this menu and make your selections for the event.

- Once you have been accepted into the group your selection will become a part of that groups results.

If you have any questions with regards the above process please feel free to contact the site administrator and we will respond to your query as soon as it is possible.
Please note international time zones may vary for some users.