Q: How do I get started with Play the Majors?
A: Its very easy to join Play the Majors - Simply go to the Register Menu and fill out the required details click on the Register button, shortly therafter you will receive a confirmation email, accept the terms and you are good to go
Q: How many entries can I have?

A: Limited to one per email address if you have access to more than one email address,create another username and password and you are good to go
Q: Does it cost anything to enter?
A: No there is no fee for playing unless it is a requirement of a specific group you have joined
Q: Can I belong to more than one group?
A: Yes you can belong to as many groups as you like, most groups will have an opt in option for the group owner so do not be offended if your request to join a group is ignored
Q: Can I create my own Group?
A: Yes you can create your own Group and invite or accept as many members to this group as you so choose
The operation of your group and the content that is displayed on its group page must comply with PTM Terms and Conditions Policies or risk being removed from the site
Q: How do I make my selections for an event?
A: Once the event is open for this purpose you must Login using your valid username and password, go to the current event page and make your selections
Q: When will the event be opened for me to make my selections?

A: The event will genrally be opened on the Monday or Tuesday of the week that the event commences unless the field is made available sooner
Q: How long do I have to make my selections?
A: You can make and or change your selections right up until the first players tees off, rain delays of any event will extend this deadline to the start of the event proper
Q:What happens if one of my players does not start the event and I haven't had time to change me selection?
A: There is not too much to worry about there you will provided with the player listed above him in the selections sheet and be awarded the same ranking points as this new player
Q. What happens if my player starts the tournament then withdraws?
A: Regretfully you will be stuck with this player and his ranking of what will invariably be last place, not to worry we have installed a new scoring process whereby your worst score is now discounted from your final total
Q: How do my golfers score points?
A: Your players are awarded points based on where they finish in the tournament - one point for finishing 1st, two for 2nd and so on - players tied eg: tied 3rd will receive 3 points and the next player will receive 5 points as they will be effectively in 5th place.
Q: Who wins the sweepstake/contest?
A: The contestants results are listed in order of those who's players accrue in total the least amount of points, the winner will be the contestant who's players total tally is the lowest