Firstly you must have Registered with the Play The Majors website.

Once registered you can go to a Group page and apply to join a Group

Prior to each Major golf Tournament you will be sent an email that will inform you that the Current Event is now available for making your selections.

The Current Event is generally made avialable for viewing and making your selections at least a week prior to the events commencement.

Once you receive this email go the site and use your login details to Login to the site, you can now proceed to the Current Event page and make your selections.

The players listing in our sweepstake are generally the players in the tournament who are in the Worlds Top 100 list and or selected players we think will add interest to the selection process.
Generally this list will only comprise 100 of the best players in the event.

Note: At times the winner or one of the players featuring at the top of the field may not be included in our list of players, this will not affect the results of the contest as the point are only allocated based on where the players in our contest finish in realtion to the others in the contest listing

Make your picks when you are confident you have the right selections and sit back and enjoy the pay day.

You can change your selections at any time up until the predictions closing time.

NOTE: The prediciton sheet automatically updates so there is no need for you to do anything other than make the changes you want, by selecting Save Selections the list of your players will be emailed to your registered email address

If you haven't already registered and joined a group go to our REGISTER MENU above an follow the process