Please do not be alarmed the results published in the Big Craigs Tour Championship Final Placings are the correct results.
We are trialling what the results may have been if we had started the players with the same scores to par that the Fed Ex Cup standings provided them with, eg: Justin Thomas started at 10 under par so to achieve this we have given him a 60 in the first round to adjust for the 70 he actually had.
We have inserted starting scores for all players based on the same criteria, this will not affect your result as we had already established the rules prior to the start of the event however some of our contestants have asked for this comparison so we are taking the time to test the alternative result.

2020 Masters Tournament Postponed Due To Coronavirus

The latest domino to fall in the sports world as it pertains to the coronavirus outbreak is perhaps the biggest as it pertains to golf.

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Players Championship Cancelled

The PGA Tour has reversed course and announced the cancellation of The Players as well as the next three events on the schedule because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Clubface Golf World Golf Community

ClubFace-Golf is an online community for golfers, that supports a far more integrated level of engagement between golf clubs, groups of golfers, and more importantly, individual golfers from around the globe. Our aim is simple…to give golfers a voice.

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