Here are the final results for the Tour Championship round of our 2019 Fed Ex Cup Playoffs.
See the finishing chart in the BMW Rankings to see how you have started this the final round.
Please note the scoring format we had originally posted in the Big Craigs Tour Championship Qualifiers menu item, the webmaster has regretfully confused everyone along with himself and posted the progress scores in a completely incorrect way.
The first three round results were calculated by subtracting the current position from your start position this was in some cases giving a negative value.
What should have been done was to add your placing to your start points "something pointed out by one of our contestants and not noted by the webmaster"
So as detailed in the Menu Item Big Craigs Tour Championship Qualifiers the following was the correct method for finding our winners.
Our winner this week will be the contestant who has the most points based on the points start added to their placing in the Tour Championship with top spot gaining thirty points to add to their start total and last placing one point added to their start total.

PredictorBefore BMWBMW Result Total PointsTour Start RankStart PointsTour PointsFinal Total
 Conifer Kev156192130
 Norfolk n Chance23124104913
 kram kadiv14253915369