Congratulations to all of our contestants that entered our 2018 Play the Majors sweepstakes, we have finally reached the end of another successful year of contests, some have won some have enjoyed the challenge, best of luck to all of the players whom have qualified for the Tour Championship round and the final prize table of the year.

The table below is the tabulation of our Dell Technologies results and the recently completed BMW Championship, your placing/points for these two events have been added together and given us a new ranking for you to qualify on for the final event of the year.

NOTE: You will have no rank in the Tour Championship and will compete against everyone on an even playing field.
Good luck and enjoy the Tour Championship, hard luck stories for "BIgCraig" and "Elbow" missing out by one point in making the final thirty.

The MastersPlayers ChampionshipUS OpenThe Open ChampionshipPGA Championship
Rank NicknamePointsRankNicknamePointsRank NicknamePointsRank NicknamePointsRank NicknamePointsEvents PlayedExtended TotalBest 4 RoundsFinal Rank
31 ancona40539 ancona65724 ancona54813 ancona44549 ancona68252737205535
36 Anniewood42512 Anniewood52223 Anniewood54735 Anniewood54231 Anniewood55852594203632
10 bigcraig35516 bigcraig5425 bigcraig4299 bigcraig42535 bigcraig5665231717515
12 Bonesy3646 Bonesy48336 Bonesy59145 Bonesy60712 Bonesy48052525191821
50 boss49943 boss67957 boss77649 boss61450 boss75253320254450
52 Bunny5381 Bunny41640 Bunny60717 Bunny47224 Bunny51552548194124
44 bushy45140 bushy66935 bushy58740 bushy56647 bushy63852911224247
34 Cage47Syndicate41516 Cage47Syndicate54250 Cage47Syndicate6665 Cage47Syndicate40918 Cage47Syndicate49352525185913
7 Cammykfc3435 Cammykfc46951 Cammykfc66732 Cammykfc53334 Cammykfc56452576190917
24 Cheetie39149 Cheetie72147 Cheetie6566 Cheetie41617 Cheetie49152675195425
28 curly4032 curly4439 curly48336 curly54428 curly53252405186114
20 dee38148 dee7191 dee36915 dee45846 dee63452561184211
6 Dotcom3428 Dotcom49456 Dotcom76524 Dotcom50621 Dotcom50452611184612
45 Dragon47347 Dragon7088 Dragon48043 Dragon59813 Dragon48352742203431
33 duckstail41413 duckstail53220 duckstail52938 duckstail55737 duckstail57852610203230
11 Elbow36250 Elbow73311 Elbow49717 Elbow4729 Elbow4635252717947
39 fifer1144219 fifer1155328 fifer1156032 fifer1153339 fifer1156652654208839
49 gazzawood49845 gazzawood68032 gazzawood58255 gazzawood6472 gazzawood39552802212241
8 GrumpysWife34540 GrumpysWife6627 GrumpysWife45850 GrumpysWife62044 GrumpysWife61952704204234
46 Japanese4754 Japanese46246 Japanese64728 Japanese5187 Japanese45752559191219
40 JB44324 JB57553 JB67042 JB59626 JB52852812214242
42 Karakamak44934 Karakamak61151 Karakamak66754 Karakamak63732 Karakamak55952923225649
13 kiwilefty37128 kiwilefty58855 kiwilefty63228 kiwilefty5186 kiwilefty45052559192722
21 kram kadiv38326 kram kadiv57843 kram kadiv4854 kram kadiv4063 kram kadiv4145226616884
42 Leanca4497 Leanca48448 Leanca65939 Leanca5625 Leanca43252586192722
5 Mason33037 Mason63310 Mason62746 Mason60843 Mason61452812217946
41 melder44421 melder55948 melder50552 melder63225 melder51952659202729
19 nelson3437923 nelson3456213 nelson3452121 nelson3448814 nelson3448752437187515
38 Norfolk n Chance44010 Norfolk n Chance50845 Norfolk n Chance53512 Norfolk n Chance4344 Norfolk n Chance4285234518108
28 Painter40351 Painter73644 Painter52553 Painter63429 Painter54852846211040
14 Pedro37332 Pedro60921 Pedro4072 Pedro36720 Pedro4975225316441
3 Quigs31720 Quigs5584 Quigs59834 Quigs53919 Quigs49552507190917
48 Rig Pig49446 Rig Pig68330 Rig Pig43147 Rig Pig60916 Rig Pig48852705202228
9 Ripper35221 Ripper55938 Ripper54011 Ripper42941 Ripper59752477188016
16 Rossco37630 Rossco60441 Rossco51148 Rossco61239 Rossco58852691207937
30 Rustyb40452 Rustyb8626 Rustyb38827 Rustyb5168 Rustyb4595262917676
4 shado32624 shado57522 shado50710 shado42645 shado62152455183410
51 Slapdash50015 Slapdash5402 Slapdash56317 Slapdash47248 Slapdash65152726207536
23 Sportyone39011 Sportyone51215 Sportyone5567 Sportyone41823 Sportyone5125238818329
24 ted39136 ted62531 ted58037 ted55333 ted56052709208438
47 tigermoth47731 tigermoth60529 tigermoth5938 tigermoth42411 tigermoth46852567196226
26 wedgy39329 wedgy59338wedgy5983wedgy40541 wedgy57852567196927
1 Woodie30527 Woodie58031 Woodie40522 Woodie49910 Woodie4655225416742
37 yooodeano43914 yooodeano53433 yooodeano69614 yooodeano45314 yooodeano48752609191320
18 Petonk377- Petonk33 Petonk5851 Petonk3421 Petonk3804168416843
27 pookyboy39843 pookyboy67419 pookyboy56630 pookyboy522-pookyboy42160216044
HeavyweighHero9 HeavyweightHero49713 HeavyweightHero50531 HeavyweightHero52822 HeavyweightHero50642036203632
gordy38gordy64512 gordy50220 gordy48127 gordy53142159215943
-Conifer Kev15Conifer Kev53727Conifer Kev55325Conifer Kev50935Conifer Kev56142160216044
35 Mullingar417- Mullingar42 Mullingar64351 Mullingar62337 Mullingar56442247224748
Shark Hunter18 Shark Hunter54616 Shark Hunter43 Shark Hunter59829 Shark Hunter55331697169752
22 Jafalad38842 Jafalad67049 Jafalad660- Jafaladjafalad31718171853
53 rae.b54635 rae.b62133 rae.b611- rae.b-rae.b31778177854
16 cruchlessraincoat376 cruchlessraincoat- cruchlessraincoat- cruchlessraincoatcruchlessraincoat137637656
2 grapes30933 grapes610- grapes- grapesgrapes291991955
32 hooters410- hooters- hooters- hootershooters141041058
15 osaurous374- osaurous18 osaurous- osaurous-osaurous137437457
Vicks223 Vicks2244926 Vicks22- Vicks22- Vicks22144944959