Jordan Spieth 2015 US Open Champion - Chambers Bay - Washington

Speith US Open WinnerMany thanks to all our Sweeptake contestants or taking part in our "first" online sweepstake, it was well represented and we are very pleased with how it has worked from an operational point.

As the year progresses we will be looking to make some small functional changes to the layout to improve your enjoyment of the site.
If you have any suggestions you think will improve the experience please let us know and we will look to incorporate them in the future events if it is possible.

Our winners for the 2015 US Open sweepstake as follows:
1st - Anniewood - $188.00
2nd - Bunny -      $141.00
3rd - Curly -        $ 94.00
4th - Rossco -      $ 47.00
All prize monies can now be redeemed as per our sweepstake rules at the Pukekohe Golf Club Proshop or online at Big Craigs Golf Barn

For those that thought they were unfairly affected by selecting players that did not perform well in the first two rounds, we have carried out a sample of sweepstake entry changes.
We took the top 8 contestants and a selection of others from throughout the sweep and subtracted the worst two scores from each entrant.
Surprisingly it made little or no difference to the overall results so you may just need to study the form a little more if you want to take out a top prize.

NOTE: In our Open Championship round we will only be listing 100 players to include any players currently in the world top 100 players, previous winners and special "invitees". 

Just to put your wager into perspective.

We had 47 players sharing $470.00
The top 47 players in the Open shared $9,137,498
1st received $1,800,000
2nd - $1,080,000
3rd - $674,288
4th - $475,942
and 47th - $32,400 

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