Congratulations to our 2016 Open Championship Sweepstake winners
wins The Open Championship Sweepstake in a very closely fought battle with "DRat", "boss" and "Elbow", our closest result so far since PlaytheMajors began we had 3 entries "hooters", "nelson34" and "kram kadiv" tied in 5th placing, not exactly how "nelson34" had hoped things would work out slipping from 1st place on Day One to the 5th place tie.
So many ties in the results table and only 100 points separating the top 15 places, we may have found our best table selection format to produce close results.
"Melder" the Players Championship winner going from hero to zero in last place, a consolation prize on its way.
Prize Payouts as follows.
- 1st placing "Ancona" $205.00
- 2nd placing "DRat"     $146.00
- 3rd placing "boss"      $117.00
- 4th placing "Elbow"   $  60.00
and tied 5th "hooters", "nelson34" and "kram kadiv" $20.00 each


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