For all those new to our PlaytheMajors platform please make sure you have made the correct number of selections in each group, failure to complete your selections correctly will invalidate your entry.
A good indicator is to check your Group page "when logged in" and you should see your name as having entered, if this is not the case you have missed something in your group selections.
When making or altering your selections check each group for a Green Tick in the top RH corner, a Red Cross indicates an invalid number of selections, it is possible to make a partial number of selections and return to complete your entry at any time but please ensure before the close off time to complete all groups.
You can also use CLICK HERE TO SAVE SELECTIONS and you will be emailed the full list of your selections.
The correct number of picks for this round is seventeen, good luck and enjoy the golf.
If you are still not sure check out our FAQ Tutorial

2020 Masters Tournament Postponed Due To Coronavirus

The latest domino to fall in the sports world as it pertains to the coronavirus outbreak is perhaps the biggest as it pertains to golf.

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Players Championship Cancelled

The PGA Tour has reversed course and announced the cancellation of The Players as well as the next three events on the schedule because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Clubface Golf World Golf Community

ClubFace-Golf is an online community for golfers, that supports a far more integrated level of engagement between golf clubs, groups of golfers, and more importantly, individual golfers from around the globe. Our aim is simple…to give golfers a voice.

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