The point are awarded as follows:
Based on your selections and where the player finishes in the tournament you will be awarded points as follows
Player finishes First      = One point
Player finishes Second = Two points
Player finishes Third    = Three points
Fourth – etc
NOTE: If two or more players are tied on the same scores the points are awarded as follows
eg: 16th = 16 points
 If 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th players are tied on same score if you have any of these players you will receive 17 points
If you have the next player you will receive 21 points and so on.
Points are awarded all the way down to include the players whom missed the cut

NOTE: A new initiative has been added to the points table whereby your highest points from any player is now deducted from your final score.
As players were unfairly affecting contestants when withdrawing during an event we believe this new rule will provide for a fairer result.