Below are the qualifying totals from the Northern Trust, the first of the three final Fed Ex Cup events.

Note: Your placing after this round added to your placing prior to this round gives you a total that ranks you for the next round "The BMW Championship", congratulations to Conifer Kev on winning the last two events and taking top ranking this weekend.
The thirty contestants with the best totals after the BMW Championship will qualify for the final Tour Championship round, for the final round you will again be awarded "starting" points based on where you finished after the BMW Championship.

To explain how you will progress from the BMW Championship as follows
Your position after Northern Trust is eg: 10th - In the BMW Championship you finish 10th your total is now 20 points (Add your two positions) ........So long as the person in 31st position has more points (Total of their two positions) then you will qualify.
The person with the lowest sum total will be placed first going into the Tour Championship along with the other twenty nine people with the lowest totals.

Below is how the players are handicapped for the Tour Championship - For our contest we will allocate points based on the same principal, so top spot after the BMW will start the Tour Championship with 10 points, second 8 points and so on based on the same scale as below, with points instead of par.
For the Tour Championship the winner will get 30 points, last 1 point, add this to your starting total and this will be your final ranking total for winning a prize.

The FedExCup points leader after the first two Playoffs events will begin the TOUR Championship at 10-under par. The No. 2 player will start at 8 under. The No. 3 player starts at 7 under; the No. 4 player starts at 6 under; the No. 5 player starts at 5 under. Players 6-10 start at 4 under; players 11-15 start at 3 under; players 16-20 start at 2 under; players 21-25 start at 1 under; and players 26-30 start at even par.

PredictorStart RankNorthern TrustSum TotalNew Rank
 Conifer Kev1121
 kram kadiv8324014
 Norfolk n Chance31215223
 Flying Kiwi28315930
 Rig Pig29437240
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