Below are the qualifying totals after the 2019 Open Championship has been completed, the NEW qualifying mark is best three of your scores after the completion of The Open Championship.

All of our contestants will move into the next round at The Northern Trust Championship on August 8th with their ranking to date counting as their starting points for the new round.

eg: Placed first going into The Northern Trust and place thirty fourth in The Northern Trust your total is now 35, eg: placed fifty ninth going into The Northern Trust and place first in The Northern Trust, total will be 60.

After this round the top fourty of the fifty nine contestants will then progress into the BMW Championship, this time taking your new placing from the now top fourty as your starting points.

The thirty contestants with the best totals after the BMW Championship will qualify for the final Tour Championship round, for the final round you will again be awarded "starting" points based on where you finished after the BMW Championship.

NOTE: To equate the best three of the current events we have provided 700 points to those events you did not enter, for most all you will need to do is enter The Open Championship to have a competitive total.

The PlayersThe US Masters The PGAThe US OpenThe OpenTotal Best 3 of 5
Conifer Kev264 Conifer Kev373 Conifer Kev317 Conifer Kev358 Conifer Kev380939
Petonk452 Petonk327 Petonk325 Petonk554 Petonk318970
JB323 JB378 JB468 JB338 JB326987
McGaff307 McGaff491 McGaff327 McGaff522 McGaff355989
Cheetie344 Cheetie277 Cheetie700 Cheetie374 Cheetie373994
ancona376 ancona367 ancona446 ancona275 ancona4751018
Rossco276 Rossco533 Rossco407 Rossco404 Rossco3401020
kram kadiv444 kram kadiv362 kram kadiv414 kram kadiv324 kram kadiv3381024
hooksey485 hooksey424 hooksey417 hooksey339 hooksey2751031
Anniewood374 Anniewood550 Anniewood354 Anniewood383 Anniewood3061034
Cammykfc334 Cammykfc355 Cammykfc457 Cammykfc516 Cammykfc3481037
Sportyone381 Sportyone339 Sportyone454 Sportyone321 Sportyone5121041
duckstail353 duckstail416 duckstail440 duckstail366 duckstail3221041
HeavyweightHero352 HeavyweightHero315 HeavyweightHero377 HeavyweightHero407 HeavyweightHero4001044
tigermoth413 tigermoth348 tigermoth364 tigermoth429 tigermoth3441056
kiwilefty369 kiwilefty384 kiwilefty306 kiwilefty475 kiwilefty3911059
pornstar320 pornstar374 pornstar369 pornstar407 pornstar4351063
gordy438 gordy400 gordy378 gordy444 gordy2861064
Bonesy478 Bonesy455 Bonesy356 Bonesy350 Bonesy3601066
nelson34375 nelson34326 nelson34422 nelson34369 nelson343931070
Painter381 Painter436 Painter434 Painter320 Painter3771078
Dragon443 Dragon352 Dragon378 Dragon357 Dragon4481087
Blakey373 Blakey422 Blakey366 Blakey406 Blakey3581097
melder460 melder389 melder406 melder700 melder3091104
Quigs421 Quigs399 Quigs486 Quigs347 Quigs3601106
ted324 ted480 ted493 ted417 ted3651106
Bunny332 Bunny469 Bunny406 Bunny374 Bunny4591112
Flying Kiwi383 Flying Kiwi348 Flying Kiwi459 Flying Kiwi451 Flying Kiwi3871118
Rig Pig389 Rig Pig431 Rig Pig375 Rig Pig382 Rig Pig3631120
Ripper377 Ripper333 Ripper700 Ripper700 Ripper4171127
Norfolk n Chance329 Norfolk n Chance458 Norfolk n Chance435 Norfolk n Chance368 Norfolk n Chance5211132
Woodie362 Woodie394 Woodie444 Woodie462 Woodie3921148
Leanca391 Leanca369 Leanca391 Leanca421 Leanca4061151
Japanese349 Japanese516 Japanese439 Japanese375 Japanese4301154
Jafalad700 Jafalad432 Jafalad326 Jafalad397 Jafalad7001155
Karakamak506 Karakamak586 Karakamak358 Karakamak412 Karakamak3891159
Shangas700 Shangas394 Shangas700 Shangas458 Shangas3091161
curly389 curly447 curly527 curly402 curly3771168
wedgy465 wedgy379 wedgy480 wedgy514 wedgy3261170
Elbow545 Elbow405 Elbow498 Elbow417 Elbow3611183
yooodeano381 yooodeano408 yooodeano416 yooodeano482 yooodeano4051194
Princess700 Princess418 Princess388 Princess497 Princess3931199
bigcraig417 bigcraig384 bigcraig562 bigcraig414 bigcraig4631215
Mullingar700 Mullingar439 Mullingar542 Mullingar399 Mullingar3921230
Captain700 Captain529 Captain445 Captain417 Captain3761238
dee515 dee514 dee374 dee494 dee3741242
gazzawood409 gazzawood474 gazzawood471 gazzawood487 gazzawood3701250
rae.b433 rae.b486 rae.b469 rae.b352 rae.b4791254
bushy432 bushy422 bushy418 bushy417 bushy4191254
WakaBlonde700 WakaBlonde447 WakaBlonde395 WakaBlonde415 WakaBlonde4471257
Smiles700 Smiles362 Smiles458 Smiles482 Smiles4381258
Rustyb457 Rustyb504 Rustyb406 Rustyb411 Rustyb4551272
boss481 boss495 boss425 boss396 boss4741295
Mason389 Mason700 Mason461 Mason534 Mason4451295
Cage47Syndicate475 Cage47Syndicate444 Cage47Syndicate453 Cage47Syndicate477 Cage47Syndicate5091372
Vicks22700Vicks22700 Vicks22401 Vicks22700 Vicks222811382
Kopipi700Kopipi700 Kopipi700 Kopipi482 Kopipi5301712

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